Simple Calculations Prove HR Business Process Outsourcing to be Effective

In the past, companies hired one person, the HR agent, who performed three functions: sales, recruiting, and accounting. Companies trying to thrive in today’s environment understand that ‘past’ HR agents’ work became overloaded, and there can no longer be one person responsible for all of these three functions. Therefore, companies would hire more people, expand their HR personnel, and invest more money to get a valuable result, which frequently proved inefficient. This is the one way to do it, but the other option is outsourcing. If the HR agent has support from outsourcing, the personnel and smart investment optimization becomes a real possibility for the businesses to expand their potential.

Thus, there are two options that companies can go along with. The first option is to hire more people, and the second one is outsourcing. Call247 provides sales support, headhunting, and recruitment services that will substantially support your business’s HR person. A simple calculation can help identify the difference between the first option of expanding the HR personnel and outsourcing.

Taking the example of Germany and focusing on the sales of the three functions mentioned above of the HR person, calculation of expenses becomes evident. The sales agent’s basic salary is €2.500. The company pays around €800 side costs (e.g., taxes, insurance) and approximately €1000 for the external costs (e.g., company car, office rent, and program). In total, the company spends €4.500 – €5.000 for one sales agent for a month. In terms of working hours, it is very common that employees come to work at 8:00 am, drink coffee, talk a little, start work late, go to breaks and stay a little longer. Thus, out of 8 hours of the working day, only 4 is spent effectively on sales. This sums up to only 80 hours a month of effective sales. The company is also responsible for providing 25 days of paid vacation to the employee, which makes the working processes slower, more expensive, and inefficient. The interesting fact is that after your hire, you should wait up to 4-5 months to track the success rate of the sales agent and decide whether the agent is a good one or not. Thus after spending around €25.000, you might figure out that it was not a smart investment. This process takes both time, effort, and money.

With 15 years of experience in the HR market, we know what kind of support your company needs and offer solutions that will benefit your business the most. In contrast to the company employees you might hire, Call247

  • charges only for effective calling hours,
  • has well-trained agents that will bring valuable results and can easily replace each other if someone is sick or on a vacation
  • generates leads (up to 25.000).

Other than reducing your businesses’ expenses, serving as an extension to your HR, and increasing your sales, here are some key benefits of HR business process outsourcing.

  • Eliminating inefficiencies resulting from nonintegrated and redundant processes
  • Refocusing HR personnel on strategic activities such as compensation planning, human capital development, recruiting, and succession planning can truly add value to the core business.
  • Wide reach in the German-speaking market
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Privacy of data and data protection

Human resources business process outsourcing helps businesses focus on their core mission, while we at Call247 provide innovative all-in-one call center services, sales support, and enhance recruitment and headhunting, thus enabling your business to grow.

At Call247, our goal is to deliver measurable value to our client companies by representing them in the market, supporting their sales, providing the best headhunting services, attracting new customers, and improving their brand reputation. With continuous research and development in the industries that we specialize in, Call 247 understands the market and industry-specific requirements that guarantee businesses’ thriving in these industries.