Outbound Sales – Call247 call center with the help of well-trained agents puts all the effort to boost your sales, orchestrate marketing promotions with a personal touch, and increase client engagement. We make your business goals reachable by providing services tailored to your needs.

Inbound Sales – Call247 call center agents believe that every conversation is an opportunity to build trust and enlarge your business’s customer database. That is why we treat all the conversations as an opportunity to increase your reach. With 24/7 availability and a customer-oriented approach, we provide high-level professional services.

Mail fulfillment – We offer quick, authentic, and accurate mail fulfillment services. Call247 delivers consistently high-quality email support to your clients.  Your customers need information, and we help you spread your message.

Business Communication – Our team provides comprehensive business communication with your customers. We offer services in German, correspond to the requests for you and your clients, prepare offers, translate, and provide professional and individual secretary services.