Outbound Sales

Call247 customer service system is prepared and ready to help your business in terms of outbound sales, from social media assistance to lead generation, telemarketing, and surveying. 

Considering your business’s needs, we develop a strategy to increase your customer’s number through outbound sales. We preview and schedule connections with an individual caller ID and make your business goals reachable by Individually tailored services, such as:

– telemarketing

– generating leads

– arranging meetings

– surveying.

How to Smartly Increase Inbound Sales in a few Days

Outbound sales outsourcing to Call24/7 will help you increase your sales with the help of our telemarketing and generating leads services and increase your efficiency with our scheduling and surveying services.   



Using our call agents’ experience and expertise and via Integration of existing phone lines, including “do not call” lists, we perform high-quality telemarketing activities that bring significant results and benefit your business. To maximize your business’s profit and increase revenue, our agents support sales, network with potential clients, and perform administrative functions.

Generating leads

We serve as an extension to your sales team, and together with 24/7 availability and high-quality customer care, we provide additional sources to lead generation opportunities. Not limiting our services to phone calls that are a fraction of potential lead opportunities for your business, we capture them all via text, email, chat, and social media.

Arranging meetings

Well-trained agents at Call247 provide scheduling, appointment setting services, and arrange meetings for your business. Our call center scheduling service includes call answering and appointment scheduling by experienced customer service professionals. To maximize your service operations’ efficiency and revenue, we use high-quality scheduling not to miss any of your calls and train our agents to provide top-notch customer service.


Customer surveys are an efficient and cost-effective option to connect with your customers and gain feedback to better your products and services. Call247 offers surveying services to collect comments and suggestions from your clients about your products and services.