Industries served

We aim to enable businesses and organizations worldwide to take advantage of competitive and customized Call Center services tailored to their needs.

As one of the most preferred BPO agencies for our clients with the delivery of innovations, business solutions, and high value, we provide you with services that help your business to develop faster.

We provide services in German, correspond to the requests for you and your clients, prepare offers, translate, and provide many other services.

Human Resources

HR is not the primary activity of private businesses and can be easily outsourced to simplify your business’s headhunting and recruitment processes. With 15 years of experience in HR, we can provide you with professional services to satisfy all of your business needs.

Food industry

We help boost your sales with our experience in the food industry so that you can focus on the most important primary business functions. Outsourcing in the food industry helps sustain customer satisfaction effectively, gain new clients, and enlarge your business’s potential. 

Legal Industry

We serve your legal company as an extension. We provide legal process outsourcing services to law firms around the world. We treat every caller as a new potential case and all the conversations as an opportunity to increase your reach by providing services with 24/7 availability. We provide a comprehensive introduction of your services.

Healthcare Industry

We offer dynamic healthcare outsourcing services with end-to-end solutions that improve the healthcare journey on all sides. With the delivery of innovations, business solutions, and high value, our call center helps healthcare industry enterprises reduce costs while advancing the customer experience.

Sport Industry

Sporting goods companies practice business process outsourcing to expand their potential, increase sales, find new partners and sponsors. With the delivery of innovations, business solutions, and high value, our call center helps sporting goods companies reduce costs while advancing the customer experience and finding new sponsors and partners.

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Customer service is key to all businesses, and its outsourcing to Call Centers might be a tough decision. Here at Call 247, we help support your customers when, where, and how they need it by providing customer engagement solutions that deliver meaningful results.