Inbound VS Outbound Calls: Everything You Need to Know

Let’s say that after long research, your company has decided to employ a business process outsourcing for your call services. Good for you! But what’s next? 

Well, the first most vital question that you’ll come up with is whether you need to choose an inbound or outbound call center. If you’re new to the call center services, these terms might be a little confusing, and the difference between them is not always explicit. 

So, to clear things out, we’ll tell you what inbound and outbound calls are and what exactly to expect from each of them. 

First, let’s have some quick definitions: 

Inbound calls

Inbound calls are the calls that come from your customers. The support team is usually the one to handle these calls, as they relate to some issues or questions and come from existing customers.

Outbound calls 

The outbound calls, as the name suggests, are the calls that go “out” of your company to increase sales. These are usually the calls that go to shoppers or potential consumers to inform them about the company’s products or services. You can also use outbound calls to outbound calls to conduct surveys and collect information for market research. 


although this might sound simple, each of these calls requires a lot of research and strategy if you want both your existing customers and potential ones to listen to you. 

That is why business process outsourcing for call services is so popular. You don’t have to create a call center from zero and can save a lot of money by trusting it to a company that already has experience in it. Most often, the call centers will focus only on one type of these calls: 

Inbound call centers 

As you could guess, these are the call centers that are more focused on customer service. Here are some examples of services you can get from them: 

  • Technical support 

Most often, when your existing clients decide to call your business, it is because they’ve encountered some type of problem using your product or service. That is why a business process outsourcing call center will provide you with an informed team who is ready to give a fulfilling answer to your clients or contact them with a specialist that can help. 

  • Order tracking and payment 

If you are owning an online shop, you should be ready for anxious customers who simply cannot wait when their order arrives. To rid them from any conspiracy theories about your company, you can ensure a smooth process if you have a call service that can track their order and clarify details about the payment anytime they want 

  • Proactive customer care 

You can take your customer care to another level by calling your customers and warning them about the possible delays, problems, and inconveniences yourself. 

Outbound call centers 

In the case of outbound call centers, your goal is to conduct outbound sales calls: this is when you reach out to a potential customer and who has no clue about your business yet. Here are some of the outbound sale services that outbound call centers can offer: 

  • Calls to potential customers 

When you use business process outsourcing for outbound calls, you can be sure the chosen call center will increase the number of existing customers, by calling and informing the potential ones about your business. 

  • Appointment arrangements

Outbound call centers are also responsible for arranging appointments between you and your existing or potential customers. This service helps you to save a lot of time and keep everything organized. 

  • Market research 

Finally, to understand what type of services your customers prefer or what you should change in your company, you can conduct surveys via calls to your target and gather the necessary market research. 

With all of this said, you might wonder: what if I want all of the two services in one place? 

This is where hybrid call centers that combine both inbound and outbound calls come into play. This type of call center is usually the best, as all of the communication comes from one place, so you can easily change your strategy or guidelines if needed. 

So there is no need to choose between inbound and outbound call centers. Pick a hybrid, and increase your income in no time!