Inbound Sales

Serving as a true extension to your business, we at Call247 provide result-driven Inbound call center services and a cutting-edge call experience for your clients. With 24/7 availability and comprehensive knowledge of your services and products, we provide top-notch call center services that increase your customers’ satisfaction.

We train our call center agents to provide high-quality services as we believe that every interlocutor can be another potential customer. Thus, we treat all the conversations as an opportunity to increase your reach by providing the following services.

– Inbound customer care

– technical assistance

– direct response

– virtual assistant

– overflow and after-hour support.

Call 247

At the same time, we guarantee a hassle-free connection of inbound and outbound calls and

flexibility in serving rush hours. Inbound call center outsourcing to Call247 allows the businesses to focus on their core functions and trust the rest to us.


Customer care

Outsourcing services to Call247 brings considerable benefit to the business as we put all the effort to help increase your business’s potential through our customer-centric approach. Our professional call agents are prepared to address all of your customers’ concerns because we realize that otherwise, you would quickly lose them. Inbound call center outsourcing to Call 247 will advance your current customer service solutions and shortens response time.

Technical assistance

Our well-trained agents with around-the-clock availability can quickly identify, explain and resolve customer inquiries. Our agents deliver personalized and customer-centric services.  Among other communication service provider companies, we are one of the best BPO companies to provide call center services, including technical assistance (e.g., fix internet connection and router problems, internet and ethernet connection troubleshooting, as well as troubleshooting internet connectivity issues).

Direct response

We provide inbound sales support for your direct response (DR) and marketing campaigns. Using our knowledge, professionalism, and expertise, we work effortlessly to ensure promotion success, increase your sales, and enlarge your client database. We will orchestrate marketing promotions with a personal touch to increase client engagement.

Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing virtual Inbound call center assistant services to Call247 is a cost-effective way for businesses to increase their efficiency and focus on priorities. With 24/7 availability, our well-trained virtual assistants can handle and route incoming calls, schedule appointments, provide customer service, and more. 

Overflow and after-hours support

Our goal is to contribute to your business’s development and growth; that’s why we work 24/7 and use all BPO inbound and outbound communication tools to ensure your business’s continued success.  With our customer-oriented tool-base, we maximize the satisfaction of your customers and enlarge your clients’ database.