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Outsource Your Business Tasks and Processes

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Your Business Tasks
and Processes


we have scheduled 45 appointments

we have provided troubleshooting concerning the Internet connection

we have checked RMA's processes which we do on an ongoing basis

we have checked our customers' brewery supplies *cheers*

and our coffee break hasn't even started yet!

Who we serve?

HR Agencies

A HR specialist should care of the things which matter. Customer care and employees are our priorities. We have 15 years of experience on the HR market and we know what kind of support your company needs.

Food Industry

We help boost your sales with our experience in the food industry so that you are able to focus on the most important. Good nutrition of your clients.

Legal Industry

We serve your legal company as an extension. We treat every caller as a new potential case.

Health Industry

Do you have patients who often do not show up to a scheduled appointment? We can help you with reminders, online booking and more.

Sport Industry

We help you find new partners and sponsors in your area.

And many more...

What we do?

Outbound sales

let us increase the number of your clients

Inbound sales

professional services at a high level, because each interlocutor can be an important client

Mail fulfillment

your customers need information and we help you spread your message

Direct connection - caller to client

professional and individual secretary service from the very beginning

How we work?

We work with a powerful and individualized callcenter software to set up campaigns exactly to your needs

Outbound calling

Preview and predictive dialing with your individual caller ID.


Integration of existing phone lines including "do not call" lists and more.

Inbound calling

Call blending. Seamlessly blend of inbound calls with outbound campaigns – in a flexible way that handles rush hours.

Real time analysis

Transparency. Get familiar with the real status of your campaign.

Easy data import or export

Import contacts in spreadsheet format and with any number of rows and columns. Our software will automatically create contacts with all data provided. You decide how we should deal with duplicates. Export your data into a custom structure that you define with an intuitive user interface.

Secure Data

We know your data is sensitive. All traffic happens through a secure connection (https). Data is backed up on multiple servers. We are GDPR compliant.

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